The town of Queen Creek is considering starting their very own police department.  This issue has been seriously contemplated since a town meeting that was held on December 4. According to the official Queen Creek website, a police department is being considered because of the continuous growth the town hasContinue Reading

On Tuesday, December 10, Casteel’s choir hosted their annual holiday concert.  The concert featured five unique choirs: Encore, Forte, Dolce, Men of Steel, and Chorale.  Each choir, though united by the theme of the holidays, brought a unique sound to the stage during their set. From Men of Steel channelingContinue Reading

The Great All-American Musical Disaster did a tremendous job of showcasing the diverse talent within our school. Kennedy J 22 November 2019 From November 21-23, Casteel’s own theatre company put on an extraordinary production of The Great All-American Musical Disaster. The play is about a struggling music producer who recruitsContinue Reading

As evidenced in the JV game between Casteel and Williams Field High school, playing football can be unpredictable and exciting. The rivalry adds suspense because we wanted to even the score. Logan R. October 23, 2019 Coach Newcombe is the head coach for Casteel football and always says, “BOW!” whenContinue Reading