As evidenced in the JV game between Casteel and Williams Field High school, playing football can be unpredictable and exciting. The rivalry adds suspense because we wanted to even the score. Logan R. October 23, 2019 Coach Newcombe is the head coach for Casteel football and always says, “BOW!” whenContinue Reading

As the ninth Star Wars movie comes around the corner, many viewers question whether or not the series is really over. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the latest movie coming out, and could inspire spinoffs.   By: Reagan K. and Kaylee B.   Many may be shocked toContinue Reading

By Delaney D. With summer finally over and autumn just beginning, perhaps it’s time to begin shopping for a new fall outfit. Just because you can wear what you like doesn’t mean it can’t be improved! There are ways to go from good to better without sacrificing your style! AsContinue Reading