Walking into the cafeteria on Thursday night, I found myself in a nearly unrecognizable room.  Sofas and chairs of all shapes and sizes surrounded a stage, lamps scattered around the room created mood lighting.  People gathered around with hot drinks as the first group came onstage to perform the first song: “For Good” from the musical Wicked.

As the night continued, the stage welcomed more and more distinct acts.  There was spoken poetry.  There was a violin performance.  There was even a song from Shrek the Musical called “I Know It’s Today.”

Not only were the performers all uniquely talented, the environment of Casteel’s second annual mic night was truly special!  When singers appeared nervous, their friends called out words of encouragement, with the crowd even cheering mid-song at times.  A supportive crowd can change the entire mood of a night, and this night had a particularly good feeling to it.

We have so many different types of artistic talent among us at Casteel, and it was very encouraging to see so many of us come out to support each other!


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