On February 7th your Casteel Boys Varsity Basketball played marvelously against Maricopa High School! We also celebrated our seniors who will be graduating this May! For 2020 we recognized eight players (one being a team manager), four pommies, and one cheerleader!  

Caelan Russell (#1)

Taken by Shelbi Shorts

        The evening started with a memorable ceremony honoring all the seniors in Pom, Cheer, and of course boys basketball! Every student got to walk with their loved ones and receive recognition for all of their achievements!

Joel Caldwell (#10)

Taken by Shelbi Shorts

       For Cheer we celebrated Maggie Greene, then for Pom we congratulated Eden Haynes, Samatha Suarez, Kelleya Alderete, and Hadley Mieras! Last but certainly not least we recognized Chase Grisham (#22), Jawuan Lewis (#20), Aram Simonov (#23), Bryan Stewart (#21), Caelan Russell (#1), Deven Franks (#4), Joel Caldwell (#10), and James Huston (#33, Team Manager).


Deven Franks (#4)

 Taken by Shelbi Shorts

          The boys played exceptional against Maricopa, winning 94-64! Your seniors really came through with Deven Franks racking up over 24 points, Caelan Russell scoring over 23 points, Joel Caldwell scoring 8 points, Bryan Stewart scoring 5 points, Chase Grisham with a three pointer, Aram Simonov scoring 2, and Jawuan Lewis scoring 1!

Bryan Stewart (#21)

 Taken by Shelbi Shorts

     The crowd was so loud and jubilant from when the clock started until the last buzzer rang! The student section was packed to the brim with current students students and also alumni from last year! The support was amazing and the memories will live on forever.

We congratulate all of the seniors for all of their hard work and dedication here at Casteel! Finally, we wish all of them luck as they will soon enter the next chapter of their lives! Thank you seniors!

Also a special thanks to Shelbi Shorts for her amazing photography that is showcased all throughout this article!

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