The town of Queen Creek is considering starting their very own police department.  This issue has been seriously contemplated since a town meeting that was held on December 4.

According to the official Queen Creek website, a police department is being considered because of the continuous growth the town has seen in recent years.  The department would take about 18 months to establish, and the Town Council assures the community that taxes will not be increased in order to fund it.  The funding will come from existing tax revenues.

There will be another Queen Creek community meeting on Thursday, February 6, to hear the opinions of the public about establishing a police force here.  This meeting will take place at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would still like to voice your opinion, the Queen Creek website has an online form which you can fill out! This is a community issue and the community should make the decision altogether.

Online form:

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