On Tuesday, December 10, Casteel’s choir hosted their annual holiday concert.  The concert featured five unique choirs: Encore, Forte, Dolce, Men of Steel, and Chorale.  Each choir, though united by the theme of the holidays, brought a unique sound to the stage during their set.

From Men of Steel channeling Bruce Springsteen in “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town,” complete with live drums and bass, to Dolce performing the solemn, haunting processional called “A Child is Born in Bethlehem,” the styles and sounds of each choir’s performance were completely different from each other.

The differences between choirs created a show that is varied and unique.  And when the choirs all came together at the end of the concert, their combined voices and strengths created an ethereal sound.

But our choir’s harmony goes deeper than just the notes they sing.

In fact, choir’s strength seems to come from its camaraderie.  It only took me a few minutes of talking to Dolce choir to see how connected all the singers are.  Riley, an alto in Dolce, describes the choir as a family that shares her passion for music, and Alaina, one of the sopranos, seems to feel the same way.

“I have 20 girls in there who would have my back any day of the week,” Alaina says about the other Dolce singers.

Choir members work together, they build off of each others’ energy, and because of this, they can sing in such beautiful harmony.

This unity between singers was proven in the concert’s heartwarming finish.  For “Peace, Peace,” a song which Casteel performs at every holiday concert, choir alumni from last year were invited to join in the singing.  Ms. Clausen told the audience she was thrilled to start this tradition of inviting alumni back every year.

Even a humble audience member who knows nothing about choir could tell that there is something special about them.  They are not just co-workers who sing different parts of a song unemotionally; they form true bonds, and it’s evident when they are up onstage together.

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  1. beautifully written! Thank you for capturing the essence of choir!

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