‘Comfort Crowd’ by Conan Gray is a heart-wrenching song that makes the listener feel what he feels as he sings a sickly sweet melody.

Gray shares his loneliest moment in ‘Comfort Crowd’


By Natasha D.

November 20, 2019


Inspired by his move to Texas, Conan writes a song about feeling homesick for the friends he loves in California. Fairly new to the music industry, Conan started posting song covers and drawing videos to his youtube channel. He then grew to know and love the community he was surrounded by. In this new single, Conan brings to surface the memories he’s experienced before his move and somehow translates the sad lyrics into an upbeat melody.


As a child, Conan often felt thrown around in his family. Experiencing divorce and new marriages at a young age began to make him feel lost, but where he felt happiest was with his friends in California. Gray often relied on his friends to keep him going. ‘Comfort Crowd’ describes a monumental point in his life where he has to leave everything behind to go to college, exposing his feelings when he also leaves behind his source of joy. The song opens with the dull bass, where every note is muted after being played. This makes the listener feel like they’re in an empty, pitch black room.


‘Comfort Crowd’ is undeniably raw. It is comprised of twisted lyrics filled with double meanings, and a beat that makes you feel like you’re submerged in a pit of quicksand. As the verse begins, a soft harmony joins Conan as he finishes each phrase. In the chorus, Conan sings, “I could spend a lifetime sitting here talking… I just needed someone around.” He is reminiscing of a better time in his life, almost pleading for company. In a show as part of his Sunset Tour, Conan tells the audience to not take their friends for granted, and further encourages them to stay close and be there for each other. When the bridge starts, you’re hit with a full sound, reaching a climax so grand that it’s almost anticlimactic because of the dramatic, almost silent ending. The bass enters back from the beginning, and suddenly, you’re once again in the dark room.


Conan is the Anti-Hero of his story, falling to one of his darkest places of loneliness. Gray sings, “I don’t really need nobody, but you say through a sigh, I said that lie already,” pleading for someone to be there for him and make him happy. Conan’s fall models the outline of one of an Anti-Hero’s, often walking away from confrontation and letting himself stay how he is, wallowing in himself. Sometimes, his voice sounds like he’s crying, when really, he’s just singing a haunting tune.


‘Comfort Crowd’ makes the listener feel the pain in being deserted in an unfamiliar place. The melody contrasts with the lyrics, leaving a bittersweet feeling inside throughout the song. Conan’s voice melts into the lyrics, and as the song ends, a strange emptiness is left behind.

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