Jim Hopper is an anti-hero who ends up showing hero attributes


Hopper started to show hero attributes after Eleven came into his life


By: Madison L.

December 3, 2019


Stranger Things became a worldwide sensation when the first season came out in 2016. The story follows the adventures of Dustin, Mike, Will, Lucas, Max and Eleven– a girl science experiment who has powers to defeat the Upside Down. Along with these characters is Jim Hopper, the chief of police, who tries to defeat the Upside Down. With the next two seasons coming out in 2017 and 2019, the fans keep falling in love with the adventures that the people of  Hawkins, Indiana go on.


When the first season of Stranger Things came out, Jim Hopper was very different. Many people would consider him as an anti-hero. He lost his daughter when she was very young, which sparked anger, sadness, and brought about his alcohol problem. He was always upset doing his job and he did not want to help anyone. After he was forced to help find the missing Will Byers, he met Eleven. Eleven is a girl who has special telekinesis powers. Those powers were being tested on by the corrupt Hawkins National Laboratory, but she escaped. After the first season, Eleven was left by herself with no family. Hopper decided to take her in as the daughter he never had. As the next two seasons carry on, Hopper starts to change.


Episode 8, the last episode of season three, starts with everyone being reunited after being separated for the past seven episodes. They all reunite in Starcourt Mall, and are get ready to fight the Mindflayer. After making a plan, Hopper, along with two other companions, leave the mall to stop the Mindflayer’s powers. Unfortunately, this means that he is leaving Eleven… forever. Hopper is so close to defeating the Mindflayer, but he knows in order to completely defeat it and save everyone, he has to sacrifice himself. Everyone in the show and the audience who watched were devastated by Hopper’s death.


The only reason Hopper switched from an anti-hero to a hero was because of Eleven. After Hopper died, Eleven found a letter he was going to give her, but never did. Eleven read the letter and it said, “… sharing our feelings. The truth is for so long I’d forgotten what those even were. I’ve been stuck in one place, in a cave… a deep dark cave and then I left Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life. For the first time in a long time, I started to feel things again. I started to feel happy” (Duffer Brothers). Eleven was the only thing that was keeping Hopper happy. Eleven reminded him of his own daughter. He started out as an anti-hero because he was so unhappy with his life, but once Eleven came, he became happy again. This led him to do more good for Hawkins, and not because he was forced to. He was so devoted to helping others that in the end he ended up sacrificing himself.


Jim Hopper is a staple character in Stranger Things who helps show that even in the darkest times, light will eventually always come. Stranger Things is definitely a show worth watching because it combines realistic relationships and emotions with unrealistic scenarios. This show also has a great retro and nostalgic aesthetic. The audience has fallen in love with this show, do you think you can too?

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