The Borderlands series has evolved much over its lifespan, so that begs the question; Is its latest addition a worthwhile one?


The members of the gaming community have varying opinions on the overall quality of Borderlands 3. Now, it’s time to set it straight by reviewing the game from an analytical viewpoint.


By Andrew M.

November, Day, 2019


The latest member to the former trinity of the Borderlands family is very polarizing when it comes to the opinions of the fans of the games, even to those who have never heard of them. The division of the fanbase, while massive, is understandable as Borderlands 3 brings many new features, good and bad.


The first Borderlands game, Borderlands 1, came out in 2009 as a prototyped Mad Max game. However, it was rebranded because the automobile action was not good enough to make a full-length game about. Following the success of Borderlands 1, two more first person shooter Borderlands games were released; Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Presequel. Out of the two, Borderlands 2 was much more successful and has been beloved by the fanbase ever since its release.


Borderlands 3 has no shortage of excellent gameplay, satisfying special abilities, and convenient features. However, the game is also no stranger to unlikable characters, predictable plot points, and pointless, even boring missions. As someone who values a games plot line below its gameplay, I can say that the game’s active content makes up for its poor story. Though while I enjoy the game, because of the game’s lackluster plot, I cannot recommend it to anyone expecting phenomenal storytelling. 


The Borderlands series has gone through many stages that can be seen in the Hero’s Journey. Borderlands started from humble beginnings, with a developer known by few and no previous content such as books, movies, or shows to increase its popularity. The first game soon blew up in popularity for no particular reason, seemingly forcing the series to “cross the threshold.” After the passing of the mass popularity of  Borderlands 2, the series went into an area of uncertainty, not quite sure how to carry the games on. The series remained in this area of uncertainty after releasing Borderlands: The Presequel. The series then had its ordeal when it released Borderlands: The Presequel. The game was mainly regarded as an “ok” game by the fanbase, which is a failure in the eyes of those who love the series. While the next game was highly anticipated, the fans were also worried if the game failed. Some people thought the series would be dropped if the 3rd game did so. A month after the release of The Presequel, a canonical Borderlands game named Tales from the Borderlands was released. The games primary developer was Telltale Games so it was massively different from the other games in the series. The Telltale Games developer was known for (shut down last year) developing games fully centered on the stories of their games with minimal gameplay in the form of quick-time events, which are pop-ups that require you to press a button or series of buttons within a short amount of time. Since they focused so much on the plot of their games, Telltale was admired for most of their games, one of them being Tales from the Borderlands. The Borderlands eventually made its great return 5 years after the events just mentioned with its “bigger and better” third addition to the original series.


Borderlands 3, while not as good as Borderlands 2, is an amazing experience that deserves lots of praise. The game has countless moments that make you feel awesome and even end the 3 part story in a satisfying way (even though we all know they are going to make a 4th game). Anyway, nothing will ever be as good as Borderlands 2.

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