Baby Yoda is the hero of the hit new show on Disney+, The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda is the hero for one simple reason, he’s the thing that saved The Mandalorian’s life single handedly, with his cute exterior that is just cover for his powerful and strong interior.


By Aidan B. 

November 22nd 2019


The Mandalorian is the first Star Wars series where we don’t follow a Jedi or Sith. The mandalorian is a bounty hunter and we get to witness his story along with Baby Yoda during the series. And his main companion is the true hero of the franchise Baby Yoda. He is a hero because of his selfless act of saving The Mandalorian. And not letting the series end right there. He was the one thing there willing to do what he had to save someone else even putting his own body on the line.

Star Wars is a long running series that mostly follows the Jedi which are the good guys as they have their fight with the sith the bad guys. But this series takes a different path. They even have their own cute hero.

Instead of the normal Jedi vs Sith, we follow a bounty hunter that doesn’t care how he gets the job done – just as long as it gets done. Then baby Yoda who is his partner in crime. Baby yoda is the hero because of his sheer strength and determination he alone lifted a several ton animal and saved The Mandlorian.

The hero is Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian being the anti hero. The mandalorian is the anti hero because he doesn’t care what happens to anyone, just as long as he completes his mission. But baby Yoda only hurts things when he has to and it and he remains pure and innocent when he does it. The Mandalorian on the other hand will hurt just because something looked at him wrong. And he will kill if something or someone is in his way or making it so that he can do his job. The mandalorian is relentless in whatever he does and that is why he is the anti-hero. Baby Yoda on the other hand is wanted for just being alive and that is how our 2 heroes meet. Once we see him, audiences are instantly captivated. From his cute exteritor to his bubble and affectionate interior.  

This is worth watching because, first of all: Baby Yoda. Second of all: It’s Starwars, so it’s going to be worth watching. Baby Yoda has single handedly made The Mandalorian. He is the reason the series is quality. He is undoubtedly the true hero of The Mandalorian series. Baby is the total package. He is all that, and a bag of chips.

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