The Great All-American Musical Disaster did a tremendous job of showcasing the diverse talent within our school.

Kennedy J
22 November 2019

From November 21-23, Casteel’s own theatre company put on an extraordinary production of The Great All-American Musical Disaster.

The play is about a struggling music producer who recruits all of the biggest names in Hollywood, all of whom hate each other, for his latest movie. Needless to say, chaos ensues. Since this show is lesser-known than previous productions such as Bye Bye Birdie or Annie, many audience members didn’t know quite what to expect as they walked in. But this play quickly revealed itself to be witty and whimsical, and the cast proved themselves to be abundantly talented.

The Great All-American Musical Disaster was energetic and full of surprises from start to finish, keeping the audience engaged the whole night. The show even came into the audience, with actors traveling through the aisles and interacting with audience members. All of the unexpected aspects of the play only added to its charm.

One of the most impressive aspects of this production was the great variety of talent involved. Every character had a distinct personality, and each actor embraced their role differently, with each of them having their shining moments. From the eccentricities of Plato Voltaire (played by Denver Dickinson) to the palpable frustration of Ethel Kent (Carly Ray), and everyone in between, the cast portrayed a huge range of emotions and dynamics between characters.

The tech crew behind the scenes added to the magic as well! The play involved unique visual effects and quick scene changes, made possible by a set piece called a “periaktos.” This set piece was brand new to Casteel, but our crew seemed to be experts in using it to enhance the show.

The team has been rehearsing since early August, and all their hard work finally paid off! If you didn’t make it to this play, you missed quite the show, but be sure to attend the next one. Casteel’s Theatre Company continues to impress audiences with their range of talents.

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