As evidenced in the JV game between Casteel and Williams Field High school, playing football can be unpredictable and exciting.

The rivalry adds suspense because we wanted to even the score.

Logan R.

October 23, 2019

Coach Newcombe is the head coach for Casteel football and always says, “BOW!” when he gets excited over a big play or when something crazy and funny happens.

In an article it said, “High school football began in the late 19th century,” but the first game ever was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. Now both of those teams are colleges. Players from high school can now get a scholarship to go play football at the next level. There are 85 full-ride scholarships given out by each college team each year. Google said that, “There is 32 teams in the NFL and there is 132 division 1 college football programs in college.” and there’s a ton more counting D2 and D3, and because of those two teams and those people who had played in that game made football the great sport it is today. And now football is the most popular sport in America.

At Casteel High School, the football program is built off of our three values, respect, discipline, and work ethic. Those three values is what the players and coaches live off of which makes football at Casteel so good. If the players don’t always show these values and are disrespectful, undisciplined, or are lazy, the coaches make sure that won’t do that again because at Casteel those three values are the most important thing. Casteel won the 3A state championship in 2017. Casteel has only been open since 2015, so Casteel won state their third year of being opened.

Football can sometimes be stressful because of the unpredictability. At one point you could be up and then the next second your down by 3 with 20 seconds left. But in the JV football game between Williams Field and Casteel, Casteel players had still remembered how Williams Field had embarrassed them last year by beating us 30-6. And the players at Williams Field had thought that they would just do that again this year. But the games unpredictability took place and Casteel ended up winning 24-6. I remember walking onto that field and just feeling a great amount of hatred. It was one of those games for me where it was like I don’t care what happens to me I’m putting everything I’ve got on that field. And I did I played my best game I had all year in that Williams field game with about 12-15 tackles, 1 pick, 2 deflected passes and a couple of sacks. But I remember one play where we had lined up and Williams Field snapped the ball and then ran a power to the weak side and got a 50 yard touchdown. This was unpredictable and kind of a bummer because we had wanted to keep them at 0 but we got passed it and ended up shutting them down to only 6.

Football can also be extremely exciting. The game at Williams Field was extremely suspenseful and you could feel the tension off of the players. Every player lives for these types of games, the rivalry, and the wanted revenge from the Casteel players in memory of what they had done to them last year as freshman. And as soon as the ball was kicked off all of us were locked in and we played are hearts out. All of our minds were in the game, because we were extremely excited and when someone would make a great play and we would get all excited and freak out and it was a great environment to play in. It felt great to have everyone smacking you on your helmet and cheering you on. And after the game Coach Newcombe had said, “You guys played a great game and had played great as a team and really showed our values.” Coach Newcombe saying that was an amazing feeling and after that game we all were extremely happy and excited.

Football is extremely exciting because of the games unpredictability, especially in a huge rivalry game between two great football programs like, Williams Field and Casteel. Because you know that the second you put your foot on that field it’s going to be a four quarter game. Which is when you’ll have to play all four quarters with all of your heart to come out with the win, which is what all players live for.

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